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初三英语作文 篇1

1、 I have a lot of memories of the past. Some are happy and others are unforgettable. But there is a special memory which occurred when I was five. That day, I was playing in the garden when a helicopter flew over me. I was surprised and asked my mother why the kite was grey in a loud voice. My mother, together with other people who were in the garden, was all laughed. And then my mother explained it to me. Now I think althought I was funny at that time, it’s still good of me to ask questions 。 So I think never be too shy to ask questions 。

中国的饮食 Chinese Cuisine 篇2

Before a foreigner comes to China, there are three things make up his first impression of China. They are Kongfu, Panda and Chinese food. Chinese cuisine is famous all around the world. When the foreigners have tasted it, they will speak highly of it. Compared to the American food, which is mainly the fast food, Chinese eating styles are different in zones and people can cook the food in various ways. Every style of cuisine surprises the western people. We pay special attention to the healthy diet. We are so proud of the history of more than 5000 years. It enriches our knowledge and makes this old country stronger.


初中优秀英语作文:我的购物经历 My Shopping Experience 篇3

Once I was in Beijing, I went shopping in the Front Gate Walking Street, for I wanted to buy some souvenirs for my friends.


There were so many things on sale that I didn't know what to buy. Suddenly, I saw two statues which looked so beautiful. I decided to buy them. So I asked the price. “It’s twenty yuan each," said the boss. I tried to make a bargain with him. He refused at first, but when I was going to leave, he stopped me and said," OK, you can have both of them at ten yuan." Therefore, I bought both of them home at last.


I was very happy on that day, because it was the first time that I had made a bargain with a businessman so successfully.


初三英语作文 篇4

Your enthusiasm,your both hands, can help others;Your sincerity,your smile,can move others;Your compliment,your blessing,can reciprocate others.This,are all what you should do.Because you are accepting othershelp all the time,you should reciprocate matter the friend or enemy, no matter the one that is familiar w-ith or strange one,whether he is a rich man or beggar.Help to be not to choose the target,choose time,choose the ,make others warm with heart of you ,go,help others with hand of you,go,persuade someone else with your action.This is what you should do.You should learn to pay,learns help,learn to present.So long as everybody can do so both,this world will be a cradle that is full of loving,the earth is that one is full of warm collectives!


初中英语作文 篇5

Welcome to our school, Mary. Here are some of our school rules. Let me tell you: We can't arrive late for class. We can't talk loudly in class. We have to be quiet in class, and we have to keep our class clean. When we meet the teachers on the way, we must greet them. We can't eat or drink in the classroom. But we can eat outside. We can't listen to music or play games in class, either. We can't pick flowers or climb trees.

初三优秀英语作文 篇6

I was only nine years old when I learnt how to use a computer. My mother is my first teacher. I know how to type, how to copy a file, and how to visit a web site on the internet. One day, mom was not at home.

I turned on the computer and began to learn how to chat on net. The first one I met there was a boy called tom. He greeted me politely. When he knew that I was only a 9-year-old girl, and almost knew nothing about chatting on net, he started showing me how to use the chatting tools, how to download, and how to send e-mails. I learnt a lot from him.



初三优秀英语作文 篇7

Thereare many holidays in a year. Among them, the holiday I like most is theChildren’s Day. Children’s Day is on the June First. In school, we have manyactivities to celebrate it. For example, our school often holds a garden partyon that day. We can play various games and get awards if we win.

It’s the mostpopular activity in my school. Besides, we can watch movies or hold a smallparty in our class. We often buy some snacks and fruits to eat. It’s reallyinteresting. It’s a holiday for fun. We enjoy it very much.



初三优秀英语作文 篇8

I have a best friend. We grow up together. In fact, she is my neighbor. Her home is three minutes from mine. We play together since I can remember things. We also study in the same school, but in the same class. We all study hard in school.

After school, sometimes she will ask me to here house for dinner, and sometimes I will ask her to my home for dinner. We always sleep together, sometimes in my home, and sometimes in hers. We talk something in our life but not important, everything happened in school, our dreams and so on. We make a promise to be good friends forever.



初中英语写作优秀作文 篇9

My Family

And My FlatI live in a flat in a building. The building is very modern. There are about ten floors and I live on the top floor. I think my flat is very wonderful. The dining room is next to the kitchen. We always have dinner there, and my mother often cooks some delicious food for us. I can t cook, but I often help Mum wash the dishes. Sometimes my friends come to my flat and they teach me how to cook. So now, I can cook something for my family. I like the sofa in my sitting room. It is very comfortable and it is purple. What a nice colour! The bathroom with a bath and a shower has a mirror. It is in the shape of star. There are four members in my family. They are my father, my mother, my brother and I. My parents work hard. They are very tired and I think they should have a good sleep. So the bedroom is the best place. My younger brother is only six years old. I love him even though he troubles me some times. In my bedroom, there are lots of posters of Angela on the wall. Angela is my favourite super star. She is beautiful. There is a garden in the district. You can go walking there. I also want to tell you about my dream home. It is near a sea. It s made of wood. Maybe that will come true.

初中英语作文700字左右 篇10

Since I go to high school, I have many annoyances. On the one hand, I am under great pressure on my study, I need to take the exams every month, once I am falling behind other students, I will feel that I am not doing well. I always want to be the best, but things can’t go on my way. On the other hand, I don’t want to talk to my parents, if they ask me the questions, I will answer them with few words. I think they won’t understand me, so I am not willing to communicate with my parents. I know I am in the adolescence, my body grows fast, changes happen on me, my emotion is unstable. So I need to learn to adjust myself and get used to these changes. I need to open my heart and have less pressure.


初中英语作文 篇11

My best friend is Mary. She lives in a tall building. She lives on the fifth floor. Everyday she takes the lift up and down. She is twelve years old. She is tall and thin. She has short black hair,two big eyes and a small mouth. She is very cute. I like playing with her. We are in the same class. I like to read books but she likes playing games. She likes to eat popcorn and ice creams. I like them,too. Her favourite food is fish,so she is clever. She loves her cat. She often plays with her. The cat likes Mary,too. They are cute.


Last summer holiday, I learned to swim. It was very unforgettable and interesting. I went to the swimming pool with my father. He taught me how to swim. At first, I was afraid of diving in the water. And I felt uncomfortable in the water. But father said it doesn’t matter and he would protect me. Then I began to swim, but I couldn’t swim forward at all. It made me upset. Then father told me how to move, how to stretch out my hands and legs. Slowly, I could move a little. In fact, it was not that easy. I learned it for almost half a month. I was excited when father told me I made it.


According to the report that most children in the family don’t have to the housework, because their parents have done all the work for them. When students go to middle school, it means they are not the little girls and little boys anymore, they have grown up and it is time for them to learn to be independent. Doing the housework and reducing the parents’ burden help the children to be mature, what’s more, the parents should not overprotect their kids all the time, they can give some jobs to the children and lead them to be independent. Doing the housework is not a big deal, but it is the attitude to life.


As a middle school student, I learn many subjects, I study so hard every day. When I get home, I will do my homework and then go over the book. But when holiday comes, I feel a little confused, because I don’t want to study and do something new. Then I don’t know what to do, my mind get blank. I decide to develop my interest. Some day, I happened to see a tennis match and I couldn’t stop watching, then I fell in love with tennis. So I started to learn playing tennis, I felt so happy. Now tennis is my favorite sport, I find a way to relax myself.


People always say that we are lacking of the eyes of realizing the beauty in life. I can’t agree with it anymore. Last week, I woke up very early in the morning, so I decided to take a walk. The street was very quiet and there were many old people dancing in the square. Without many cars, I realized the city looked so clean and beautiful. Some coffee shops decorates so well, which attrated my eyes. The city was coverd by the green trees, which made it a green city. I liked this feeling so much. At this moment, I found the city was so lovely, I just ingored its beauty usually.


初中英语作文 篇12







so, 不要慌,要悦动!

初中英语写作优秀作文 篇13

In my hometown, the old people get used to eat animals, like dog. I feel so sorry for them, because dogs are our friends in my heart, so I refuse to eat animals, such as dogs and cats. I have a pet cat. I take care of her all the time and we are close friends. My belief is strong and I won’t change.